Our team specializes in design and development, but we don't stop there. We're a full service firm that will do whatever it takes to help you grow your business and your presence on the web. If you can dream it, our developers can build it. Looking to rebrand yourself? Create the next big thing on the internet? We can do it. Just say the word and we're on the job.


Gleez have experties in developing quality Mobile & Web apps that are attractive, well organized, interactive, and easy to navigate. We will work on the look and the feel until our clients are satisfied. Our graphic specialists use the latest design and development software, to develop an app that will meet or exceed your expectations. So the final output is a site/app that conveys an image worth of your company as well as receiving the attention it deserves.

Web Applications with Gleez includes:

Open Source

Gleez has been developed from the ground up using open source software. Developers building with Platform scale their own applications using many of the same infrastructure technologies that power Gleez.

Open source software (OSS) is computer software with its source code made available and licensed with an open source license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change and distribute the software for free to anyone and for any purpose. Open source software is very often developed in a public, collaborative manner.

A report by the Standish Group states that adoption of open source software models has resulted in savings of about $60 billion per year to consumers.

Want to expand your original idea without breaking the budget?  Our open source tools help you and stay in budget.


Gleez provides support to servers which are presently playing a vital role on internet. Web servers are basically used for hosting a site either on 'Internet' or 'Intranet'. If an individual or a company is more concerned about the privacy and confidentiality and decide to host website on their own resources, here the need of remote server support arrives. Gleez is the most trusted brand in IT support services since half of the decade.

Servers Supported by Gleez: