What is ERP – really?

In a nutshell, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company to create a single software program that runs off one database. It allows a company to automate and integrate the majority of its business processes. By sharing common data and practices across the entire enterprise, and producing and accessing information in a real-time environment, a good ERP system strives to make an enterprise more streamlined, more effective and more profitable.

By simplifying access to vital business information and connecting departments and systems, ERP allows businesses to increase employee productivity and operational efficiencies.

Our ERP tools help you to improve financial management processes, control inventory and production, streamline distribution, enhance cost accounting, manage human resources and payroll more efficiently, and more. They provide a single, consolidated system that enables you and your employees to transmit information to each other or a business partner, at the push of a button.

So, what's the catch?

Genuine ERP means changing the way you do business. You need to know if your business approach will fit within a standard ERP package, or whether you'll need a customised solution. Either way, implementing ERP can be a mammoth task, one which – for the uninitiated – can come with a very hefty price tag, extensive testing and often compatibility problems.

But it needn't. Our ERP applications help to improve profitability and efficiency, exceed customer satisfaction goals and adapt quickly to changing business conditions – all at a low total cost of ownership.

By combining flexible technology with years of business insight, we can help you to build on your existing  investment and make the “leap” to ERP quick, painless, and professional.